The Meridian Christmas lights driving route has a healthy mix of static light displays, and some dazzling light shows synced to music! This route is located entirely north of I-84. If you're looking for things further south, check out our South Boise route.

Your route will start near Fairview and Locust Grove, and you'll work your way in a clockwise direction, heading west, north, then east to end up near Chinden and McMillan.

Here's a taste of what you can expect on this driving route!

3. 831 N Main St, Meridian

5. 1440 N Vineyards Ave, Meridian

6. 927 N Wolfsburg Ave, Meridian

11. 4194 W Philomena Dr, Meridian

14. 721 N Barrymore Dr, Meridian

15. 553 and 546 W Valentino St, Meridian