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To answer a common question... WHEN DO DISPLAYS SHUT DOWN FOR THE SEASON??

Long story short - it depends on the homeowner! Some start taking down the lights earlier than others.
We cannot guarantee that a display on our map will be open after Christmas Day.
If you are using our map/listings after Christmas, you do so at your own risk!! It may be closed!!
That being said,
most displays do choose to keep their displays up till Dec 31.
And if any display owner has a solid end date AND communicates that to us, we'll update the map and website.

Thank you for your understanding, and have a Happy New Year!!

ENDS SUN JAN 1 - 2320 E Harbour Grove Dr, Nampa, ID 83686 - 95.5 FM

Two years in the making, but have my first light show running! My show is called β€œLights on Harbour Grove”. Animated RGB LED’s, with singing bulbs, a swinging bell, arches, trees and lots of snowflakes! I also have a unique snow globe matrix! There’s also a push button to make the songs play on speakers if you are on foot. (Please stay out of the yard, but you’re welcome to view the show from the sidewalk or the driveway.)

Please turn your headlights off while viewing the show, and if in line waiting for a viewing parking spot, have your headlights off but parking lights on, so others pulling up know you aren't just a parked car. Also please don't play the music too loudly. If you want to see song lists, show times and/or follow us, we have a Facebook page-

Sunday thru Thursday 6pm - 10pm, Friday & Saturday 6pm - 11pm

YouTube Video:

10k+ pixel lights and 12 song’s sequenced to music.

Monday-Thursday 5:30pm-10:00pm

Friday- Sunday 5:30-11:00pm

We are also taking donations for West Valley Humane Society

Please turn off your headlights, don’t block driveways, and keep music volume to a reasonable level.