The South Boise Christmas light driving route is jam packed full of goodies! You'll get to see a lot of light shows synced to music on this tour. Depending on how long you stay at the light shows, you may need to split this route into multiple nights. Some addresses in this route are in South Meridian, so pay attention to the city when entering in your GPS.

If you go in the order below, you'll start just southwest of the Boise Costco near Maple Grove and Victory and work in a clockwise direction, heading south, then west, then north again to end up near Five Mile and Victory. But you can also start at the bottom of the list and make your way to the top to just make the same route in reverse.

Here's a taste of what you can expect on this driving route!

1. 8321 W Tether St, Boise

3. 9125 W Malad St, Boise

5. 8212 W Mojave Dr, Boise

6. 8465 W Snohomish St, Boise

8. 7218 W Old Country Ct, Boise

9. 6554 S Lighthouse Pl, Boise

10. 10521 W Ogden Ave, Boise

13. 5930 S Wayland Way, Meridian

15. 3896 Riva Ridge Way, Boise