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Top 10 Boise Christmas Light Displays of 2018

For the first time ever, we opened up a poll and asked our Facebook community to vote for their favorite light displays of the 2018 season! Well, we've tallied up the votes, and we'd like to present our first ever Boise Christmas Lights Top 10 of 2018, chosen by you, the BCL Community!Β 

#10 - 10727 W Edna St, Boise

The entire Edna Street corridor is a fantastic drive to see some amazing Christmas Lights. But 10727 is one of the homes that stands out from the rest. They have plenty of lights and a whole bunch of inflatables in the yard that will catch your attention immediately. In fact, it's so popular that an assisted living home tour bus dropped by to visit while I was taking photographs. I couldn't see inside the windows of the bus, but it's probably safe to say those old folks were just as impressed as I was!

TIE #8 - 4580 Johns Landing Way, Boise

When first getting started on the Boise Christmas Lights project, I was scouring all sorts of forums for the best lights in Boise. One of the posts said to check out this home on Johns Landing that went completely over the top. I kid you not - when I first saw this home when turning off Collister, I was screaming and jumping for joy like a little kid (even though I was a 24 year old dude). It's already a beautiful home, but when you add these thousands of lights and a lighted archway over the sidewalk, there's just something magical there. And the BCL community agrees!

TIE #8 - Lights of Lochsa Falls, 2057 W Divide Creek St, Meridian

Lochsa Falls is already a nice neighborhood to see Christmas lights, and it boasts a fantastic light show synced to music! Lights of Lochsa Falls is an immersive, entertaining light show with great parking and some of the brightest LED lights we've ever seen. As an added feature, there's a small sign above the garage that shows you what song is currently playing, which is pretty dang cool! We really liked their version of The Greatest Show, and the BCL community did as well!

#7 - The DeBolt Christmas Light Show, 6211 W Parapet Ct, Boise

I remember the DeBolt Christmas Light Show being one of the very first light shows synced to music I'd ever seen. It didn't disappoint then, and it sure doesn't disappoint now! The sheer amount of lights on this home (and their giant LED light board on the roof) are truly impressive. Many visitors love that this show also contains some Christ-centered messages. The DeBolt's put a lot of work into this show, even down to the little details like the custom recorded voice-overs that are played between songs. It just makes for a really fun show!

#6 - 4550 W Brassie Ct, Meridian

The Wilde family has put together a very unique Christmas Light show at their home on Brassie Court for the past few years. It's what they call a hybrid display - some of the lights are synced to music, and some of the lights remain on at all times. And truthfully, it works really well! The large corner lot provides a great view of both the light show and the static lights from all angles. And they've got some really fun songs on their lineup - including a Santa head singing to a song about beer. πŸ˜‚

TIE #3 - 2709 W San Remo Dr, Meridian

This beautiful home on San Remo Drive in Meridian is a new listing for our 2018 season. We were immediately impressed by how beautiful these lights looked! This home goes to show that you don't need a large lot or a light show synced to music to look great - with the right decorations, you can make any home and any size yard look fantastic. The BCL community rallied and made this first-year entry one of our Top Three best Christmas Lights for the 2018 season!

TIE #3 - 15692 Pride Ln, Caldwell

Some people are hesitant about driving out of their way to see Christmas Lights, and we can understand. That being said, I absolutely promise that this fantastic Christmas Light display at 15692 Pride Lane in Caldwell is well worth the drive! It's easily the largest display we've seen in the entire Treasure Valley and has been featured in the local press. You can get out of your car and walk through the hundreds of decorations, most of which were handmade by the Hebner family.

TIE #3 - Shannon's Light Show, 3705 N Buckstone Ave, Meridian

The Shannon's Light Show has quite a dedicated following - their Facebook Group has 2.3K members, and the Shannon's have many repeat visitors to their display. The light show is energetic, bright, and tons of fun. It also has a very diverse soundtrack - they've got some slower songs, and some loud dubstep that'll blow out your car stereo if you're not careful. Luthy Shannon has been a longtime supporter of the Boise Christmas Lights project from day one, even back when their home used to be in Garden City.

#2 - Lloyd Lights, 8465 W Snohomish St, Boise

This dazzling light display is run by the Lloyd family of South Boise. Featuring a wide variety of music and thousands of pixels, this was a must-see display for the 2018 season! In fact, it was featured in the 2018 xLights Around the World video, which went viral within days of being posted. Featuring two giant trees and a fantastic vantage point from the street, it was a fantastic light show. Click here to check out our Facebook Live video from the display.

#1 - 1348 E Tourmaline St, Meridian

Just northwest of Fairview and Locust Grove in Meridian is a home that never ceases to entertain. Steve and his family set up their light show each year and really go the extra mile. They even walk out to the street, and give out free candy canes to the first several thousand visitors to their show! The show is entertaining, and features songs that both young and old will enjoy. Steve was nice enough to hop in the car and join us on our Facebook Live video from the display!

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