2022 Boise Halloween Events Calendar and Map

It's spooky season! ๐Ÿ‘ป Looking for some fun Halloween events or haunted houses in Boise? Maybe you're just wanting to see some really cool homes decorated for the season. We've got a list of haunted houses, corn mazes and more in the Boise Idaho area, as well as some statewide ones in case you're interested in taking a road trip. Our map below shows all these events and attractions, in addition to some decorated personal homes and neighborhoods in the Boise area. Homes will be added as we confirm them.

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2022 Boise Halloween Displays


Haunted Graveyard and Spiderweb. The features are on all day and the lights dusk to dawn.

Spooky spider theme. Drive by, parking on street or walk (street directly behind Harrison blvd). All-day, pumpkin projector light show at sun down

There are frightening things happening over here.

Spooky spider theme. Drive by, parking on street or walk (street directly behind Harrison blvd). All-day, pumpkin projector light show at sun down

A plethora of fun and exciting Halloween Inflatables appealing to children and adults alike. On display until November 1st.

10 foot high animatronic Jack Skellington Oggie Boogie and the Boogie boys, Animatronic Witch and more.

Spooky Zoo The penguins have broken out and mad their own haunted mansion. Walk thru and Candy on the weekend. 6 pm to 10 pm nightly.

Lots of animatronics. Fun for all ages, kids and adults. Not too scary for young ones. Friday and Saturday nights and Halloween.

A spooktacular display of Halloween animatronics and more. Weeknight evenings until 9, Friday and Saturday dusk until 11 pm.

Sun-Thu 6:30-10P

Fri-Sat 6:30-11P

It runs from dark to 9:30pm Sunday through Thursday and dark to 10 PM Friday and Saturday. It will run up until Halloween night. www.kitzmaslights.com

7th annual haunted Halloween maze! Open for self walk thru anytime. Live actors after dark from the 28th to Halloween night. Some parts are still under construction to better your experience. Free, donations appreciated. Portion goes to local charities.

The scariest house on this side of town! Graveyards, Ghouls, witches, pumpkin Men, pirates, spiders, haunted house, dungeons, grave diggers and more! 7-9pm

The Nightmare Before Christmas fun! We pay respect to these classic characters. This is Halloween!

We wanted to join the Halloween tour again this year and we are once again raising money for St Judes Children's Hospital. We are part of a nationwide group called Skeltons for St Judes Children's Hospital and we have about 400 members. Last year we helped in the raising of $151,396 in the month of Oct. We hope everyone enjoys our display as we've added quite a bit and our neighbors are letting us expand into their yard this year!

More to come including 6ft animated skeleton and Animated Reagan.

This year is clown skeletons - we have full sized candy on Halloween. 6-8pm Halloween till 10pm

DIY Michael Myers lurking through branches. Feel free visiting our friendly scare crow sitting in the chair in the rocks if youโ€™re brave enough, he has bottled water just for you. Visit during day time & night time for lights & fog machine!

Ghosts rise in the graveyard with a witch trio around their cauldron. Spooky ambient music all nights with eerie changing lighting each night starting Friday the 21st from dusk 'till 11 PM. Halloween tunes play Fri the 28th, Sat 29th, and Halloween night.


Welcome to Hawkins. Stranger Things are afoot at my home. Come help Eddie distract the demobats from my rooftop and bring Max outta her trance. Photos are welcome on Joyceโ€™s couch on Halloween night.

Coulrophobic? Face your fears if you have the guts to attempt passage into the Psycho Circus at Cimarron!!!

Psycho Circus at Cimarron is in it's 2nd year of Haunting here in Boise. We are definitely NOT your usual neighborhood home haunt and an experience you won't soon forget. Because this is done mostly out of my own pocket, donations are grately appreciated to ensure I am able to keep providing our community with this Halloween attraction for years to come.

Haunt is open 8-11pm Oct 21,22,28,29 & 31st.

Haunted graveyard. New and used pet items to be donated the the Boise Pet Helper. Sponsored by the Members of the S.W. ID Mopar Mafia.

Full yard display with a cemetery, lots of skeletons, giant spider and horse pulled hearse.

Free. Drive by. Trick or treating on Monday 10/31/22

Halloween ๐Ÿ‘ป Wedding

Open Dusk to Dawn

โ€œWeโ€™re Back Salem!โ€ At Oakridge Haunt 2022 Display. For the last 6 years we have put on a Halloween display for children and adults to come see with lights, music, and some magic!

Display is at the front of the house visible from the steet however you are welcome to walk up next to it and take pictures or video. Tune into 90.7 FM to hear songs that coincide with the Display in the comfort and warmth of your vehicle. You can follow us and tag us in your photos (because we enjoy seeing them) @Oakridgehaunt on Instagram.

Disclaimer: Please do not attempt to walk inside the display.

Starting October 1st, every day of the week from 7pm-10pm

Lots of inflatables. Nothing too scary for younger kids.

Roughly 5-10pm

Milo Farms presents the Halloween light show. The show will run Dusk-10pm daily. Tune your car radio to 91.1FM to enjoy the 5 songs synced to the lights. The show features a graveyard, inflatables, pumpkins, a boiling cauldron, and much more. The final 2 weeks before Halloween will incorporate smoke and fire effects. Please enjoy from the comfort of your car and do not enter the yard. When leaving please be courteous of neighbors and loop around the block to exit. Happy Halloween and be sure to check out our Christmas and 4th of July displays.

8' tall singing pumpkin light show playing 6-8 PM nightly through Halloween. Music is played on speakers, great opportunity to stop by on a walk/bike ride.

- 6 to 9 PM on Halloween Night Only -

Beware! The zombie dolls are alive on the Boise Bench this All Hallows' Eve! Join us for the 7th Annual Haunted Backyard Zombie Toyland in the Vista neighborhood created by hand by the Pence-Brown family, friends & neighborhood children. We're BASICALLY the thrift store version of Harrison Boulevard, Bench-style.

Come see 250 bloodied baby dolls + toys in this creepy backyard playland and cemetery on the corner of Columbus & Lemhi. Look for the fire pit and pink Little Free Library and lights.


Monday Oct 31, 2022


(It's definitely PG so bring your little ones. These dolls are damn scary though.)

Facebook event with details: https://www.facebook.com/events/3344706399132438

Day and night display showing a variety of skeletons with a western theme!

Lots of fun Halloween decorations including the howling warewolf. Our neighbors asked us to put our house on the map. Theyโ€™ll be joining in too. 8-10PM

Family friendly and so much fun for younger kiddos! Built by young kids and puts a smile on your face!

Skeleton graveyard, with lots of fun skeleton scenes!


The Skeleton house of Bear Creek Subdivision! Come and visit our haunted house. Feel free to come see The Twins next to the front door, but be careful... they bite!! Guests are welcome to exit vehicles to take pictures. 6:30-10pm

Halloween lights programmed to music. Also: Mickey, Minnie, Oogie Boogie and Jack along with other spooky characters. Sun thru Mon: 6:00-10:00pm Fri&Sat 6:00-11:00pm

we are a walk through style haunted house that goes in our garage into our backyard and ends with a real endless checkered hallway! This is our second year and last year we had about 300 people go through our haunted house so this year it should be even bigger. We have a Facebook page that you can see as well. We open the 26th through the 31st 7 PM until 10 PM.


We have a grave yard. Lots of blow ups and lights.

Tiki inspired Halloween decor

Hanging corpses, grave yard, rolling ground smoke, scary animatronic clowns, and a 12 ft witch. Dusk until 10pm

Cemetery theme, 6:30pm to 10:30pm

Come see 12 ft Skelly, In-fear-no, and all their friends, in the first Ghouly Games. Jump rope, Twister, races, and more! Come see all the fun. As Chucky would say, "wanna play?!"

Skeletons, Zombies, and Ghosts oh my. We have something to scare almost everyone, and a few large inflatables for the kids to enjoy.

We've been over run with spiders this year. Not even our giant Raid can and exterminator can get them under control. 6-10pm.

Halloween decorations and scene - Dusk to 11

Hotel California display- Nextdoor is a haunted pirate ship display

Medieval theme with skeletons, dragon, witches & more. Static display with animatronics. This is our 6th year and we change themes every year!

Hello everyone, I would love to display a photo, but surprises are better. There is parking on red rock and star. We just ask not to park in front of the house for others to see. We hope you love our display and feel free to give us more ideas. Happy Halloween

Skeletons and grave stones galore. Stop and see what the grave yard has to offer!!

730-1030 Friday and Saturdays

A blend of yard decorations along with four windows showing digital video decorations as well as two playlists of Halloween music and sounds coming from both corners of the property. Dusk to 9pm.

If you're brave enough to get through lots of smoke, lights, strobes, graveyard, jumping reaper, and other "scary" objects ... You'll get plenty of treats!

Outside yard display,very large graveyard and a clown alley 15+ animatronics..Friday/Saturday 7pm to 11pm Sundays 7pm to 10pm everything will be running...trick or treating every weekend in October

Lots of inflatables- great for kids!


Eerie decorations, full size candy bars and adult trick or treating....what more could you ask for on Halloween?!?

Over 20 animatronics and a maze.

A whole lot of stuff including skeleton guillotine

Display on 7 days a week starting at dusk. Display is a mix of animatronics and inflatables with lighting through out. You can see the fog on the weekends (Friday Saturday) through out the display.

We are considered the Head Hunters. We have heads hanging all around outside the house as well as a graveyard in the front yard in which I play a bloodied bride and walk around all night. We put up the animatronics on Halloween night, but the rest of the display is up the entire month of October.

Display on 7 days a week starting at dusk. Display is a mix of animatronics and inflatables with lighting through out. You can see the fog on the weekends (Friday Saturday) through out the display.

This will be a Halloween trick or treat haunted house. There will be people to pop out and scare we will not scare the babies. All ages welcome, please be respectful.

Haunted forest in south Nampa. Saturdays October 22nd and 29th. 7-9pm. Come tour our family forest all decked out for Halloween. This is a family friendly haunt. There are jumps and scares, but no blood and gore. Donations appreciated. https://www.facebook.com/neidersnightmareforest/

Corner lot filled with fun decorations ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿฆด๐Ÿ•ท๏ธ๐Ÿ•ธ๏ธ

6pm - 10pm

Tune to 87.9 FM.

Show Time Sun-Sat 7PM to 10PM.

Weekends of the 22nd and 29th, show times will run 6pm-11:30PM

A few songs in sync to music plus motion activated props. First 60 kids on Halloween Night will get full size candy bars. Please don't block driveways, turn off headlights, and keep music to a reasonable level. We will provide a small radio for pedestrians.

Weโ€™re back with your most favorite Halloween horror movies. We have been doing this for 4 years and each year we add more.

Display is at the front of the house visible from the steet, however, you are welcome to walk up on the sidewalk to take pictures or video.

Disclaimer: Please do not walk in yard.

Starting October 1st, every day of the week from dusk to dawn is nothing but lights. Halloween night it comes to life with animated mannequins, music, and fog.

A little scarier decorations. :) 12 ft Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton, with lots of other pumpkins, spiders, and a scary scarecrow. Programed LED lighting and projections on pumpkins and window. There's even a straw bale to sit and watch the show! Power running from 6pm to 10:00 pm, and candy given out on Halloween from 6:30 pm till I run out.

Static display, spider web, graveyard, jack o lantern display, projection on Friday and Saturday and Sunday nights

Mostly Disney blowups but we also have orange lights and will have Halloween music on Halloween during trick or treating.

Haunted Cemetery featuring appearances by the Wolfman. Drive bys welcome any time! After dark is the creepiest though.

We do something different every year. This year the theme is everything pirates with a few surprises thrown in. Come by for a spooky good time! You wonโ€™t be disappointed. We have great candy for the kids too.

Come visit Bobwhite Manor! This is our second year with our Halloween display and we love decorating for the kids, neighborhood, and community!

Come by any night for the haunting display *note Friday-Sunday 7pm-11pm extra animatronics are out and on*. Please join us for trick or treating on Halloween night as well for our haunted garage attraction where we will have full size candy bars!

This year we are also participating in Skeltons for St. Jude Childrenโ€™s Research Hospital, so please feel free to scan our QR code on the poster and donate to children in need.

Happy Halloween!


This is my monster house in Payette, ID and there is a Tesla ball/lamp in the very middle. 8-11.

This yearโ€™s display is based on the movie โ€˜TREMORSโ€™. There is a graboid, City of Perfection water tower, pole vaulting, jackhammering etc. All your favorite characters. More gets added as the month goes on so you never know what you will see!

There is also a Real Steel robot scene and a bouldering scene on the house!

NO PARKING, blocking or turning around in peopleโ€™s driveways. NO PARKING on grass. For those who are driving by, you can go all the way around the block. Feel free to walk along on the street to see it. Some of the display is motion/sound activated.

We always take donations especially skeletons. :) We love making people happy with our displays! Happy All Hallowโ€™s Eve!

Inspired by Disneyโ€™s The Haunted Mansion, weโ€™ve designed our display to include changing portraits and stretching room portraits, graveyard singing busts, and hitchhiking ghosts.

2022 Idaho Halloween Events and Attractions

See websites and Facebook pages for information on ticket prices, hours of operation, and all the attractions they have to offer! Also check out idahohauntedhouses.com for more pictures, reviews, etc.

Boise/Mountain Home

The Haunted World, Caldwell - Opens Fri Sep 9, 2022

20031 Northside Blvd, Caldwell ID

Attractions: Outdoor Haunt, Haunted House, Corn Maze - Facebook Page

Lowe Family Farmstead, Kuna - Opens Fri Sep 9, 2022

2500 S Eagle Rd, Kuna ID

Attractions: Outdoor Haunt, Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch, Various Kids Activities - Facebook Page

Requiem Haunted House, Caldwell - Opens Fri Sep 23, 2022

810 Main St, Caldwell ID

Attractions: Haunted House - Facebook Page

Quey's Maze, Mountain Home - Opens Sat Oct 1, 2022

48803 ID-78, Mountain Home ID

Attractions: Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch, Various Kids Activities - Facebook Page

Southern Idaho/Twin Falls

Tubbs Berry Farm, Twin Falls - Opens Fri Sep 9, 2022

1250 S Park Ave W, Twin Falls ID

Attractions: Straw Maze, Pumpkin Patch, Various Kids Activities - Facebook Page

Burley Straw Maze and Pumpkin Patch, Burley - Opens Fri Sep 23, 2022

845 E 500 S, Burley ID

Attractions: Straw Maze, Haunted Straw Maze, Various Kids Activities, Pumpkin Patch, Zip Line - Facebook Page

Haunted Mansions of Albion, Albion - Opens Fri Sep 30, 2022

437 E North St, Albion ID

Attractions: Haunted House - Facebook Page

Idaho Haunted Swamp, Twin Falls - Opens Fri Sep 16, 2022

728 3800 N, Twin Falls ID

Attractions: Outdoor Haunt - Facebook Page

East Idaho/IF/Rexburg

Wild Adventure Corn Maze, Idaho Falls - Opens Mon Sep 12, 2022

6070 S 45th W, Idaho Falls ID

Attractions: Corn Maze (3), Pumpkin Patch, Various Kids Activities - Facebook Page

The Haunted River, Menan - Opens Fri Sep 16, 2022

501 N 3100 E, Menan ID

Attractions: Outdoor Haunt - Facebook Page

The Straw Maze and Haunted Forest, Rexburg - Opens Mon Sep 19, 2022

2000 W 7600 S, Rexburg ID

Attractions: Outdoor Haunt, Haunted Maze, Corn Maze - Facebook Page

Planet Doom Haunted House, Idaho Falls - Opens Fri Sep 23, 2022

680 1st Street, Idaho Falls ID

Attractions: Haunted House - Facebook Page

The Haunted Mill, Teton (East) - Opens Fri Sep 30, 2022

95 Teton Hwy, Teton ID

Attractions: Haunted House - Facebook Page

SRD's Haunted Acre, Pocatello (East Idaho) - Opens Sat Oct 1, 2022

3960 Nora Ave, Pocatello ID

Attractions: Outdoor Haunt - Facebook Page

Swore Farms, Pocatello (East Idaho) - Opens TBD Oct 2022

225 Ballard Rd, Pocatello ID

Attractions: Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch, Various Kids Activities - Facebook Page