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Top 10 Boise Christmas Light Displays of 2019

For the second year, we asked you, our fellow Christmas light junkies, to vote for the best Christmas light displays of the 2019 season. We've tallied up the votes, and we'd like to present the Top 10 Boise Christmas Light Displays of 2019, as voted by you, our BCL community!

Well, it's actually 11 this year... we had a three-way for ninth place. So let's take a look at the list!

#11 - 6137 S Egmont Ave, Boise

This home is new on the street for the 2019 season, and they put together a really cool light show using a music box playing some cool Christmas jingles from the yard. We love how many lights are on the house, and how many decorations are in the yard. It's really well done, and deserving of being in our Top 11!

#10 - Armor Light Show, 3426 N Armor St, Boise

The Armor Light Show in Boise has been around for a few years, and the owner has gone viral on the Boise Bench Dwellers Facebook group, and their Halloween light show was featured live on a KBOI CBS 2 Newscast. Their Christmas light show is always a blast to see each year! We're so glad to see they made the Top 11 list this year.

#9 - Lights on Woods End, 2469 E Woods End Ct, Boise

This awesome display in East Boise has been running for several years, and there's almost always a crowd of cars viewing the show. Featuring a giant pixel tree, a pixel board on the garage, and an awesome rotation of music, I'm just surprised this home hasn't been featured on The Great Christmas Light Fight yet. We love their generosity in providing a donation drop off box at their home each year, which goes to help those in need.

#8 - 3422 Manchester Dr, Caldwell

This cool light show in Caldwell has been running as long as we've been mapping, if not longer. In fact, they're usually one of the first displays that turns the lights on each year! These early birds put on a great show, and utilize their awesome corner lot for maximum fun with yard props you can see from many angles. It's worth the drive to Caldwell!

#7 - 4550 W Brassie Ct, Meridian

This family does an awesome display! They use both with moving lights synced to music, and a bit of static lights as well. It creates this cool hybrid display that is very unique and nice to look at. Their selection of music is really fun too! Just an all-around great show that people love. In fact, they have so much love, that some people came caroling at their door this past year... how cool is that?

#6 - 4580 Johns Landing Way, Boise

This is one of the very first homes I discovered and mapped out when starting this project. And I tell you what, I was screaming like a child when I saw this display! Seriously, you round a corner and you can see it from blocks away. The home itself is beautiful - just add tens of thousands of twinkling lights, and a lighted archway over the sidewalk, and you've got a display that is very worthy of being in our Top 10 for both years we've done it.

#5 - 3075 N Springtime Ave, Meridian

I absolutely love the use of colors on this Meridian home, the blues and purples in particular. They just made the switch to Light-O-Rama this year, and created a fantastic show that is definitely worth checking out. I'd say every square inch of their yard has lights, and the house has plenty to see as well. It's a great show, and worthy of the #5 spot!

#4 - 2709 W San Remo Dr, Meridian

They were the new home on the block last year, and they were back again this year with even more lights to enjoy! I love the use of colors that are easy on the eyes, even though there's just so much to take in. I'd describe this display as "magical" - and it goes to show that you don't necessarily need to have a show synced to music to crack the Top 10! (... and by 10, I mean 11.)

#3 - DeBolt's Christmas in Boise Light Show, 6211 W Parapet Ct, Boise

This is the first light show I ever saw in Idaho (my first one was in Grand Junction, Colorado years ago). The DeBolt family always puts together this absolutely stunning show at their NW Boise home, and it's worth checking out. It's well known in the community, and when I've gone around to visit with map users while they're checking out some homes, they always seem to know this home or they'll sometimes ask me "Where's that really cool DeBolt show?" It's definitely up there as one of the best!

#2 - The Golen Christmas Light Show, 1348 E Tourmaline St, Meridian

You wanna know what makes this show so cool? I mean, the show itself is fantastic and it's definitely worth checking out. But the homeowner, Steve, goes the extra mile and loves to visit with the people who visit his show. He'll be out there in the cold, handing out candy canes and saying hi to all the cars who have stopped by to check it out. I'd say between the amazing show he puts on, and him being known as "the candy cane guy", The Golen Christmas Light Show is definitely worth seeing.

#1 - Lloyd Family Lights, 8465 W Snohomish St, Boise

The Lloyd Family Lights show has been crowned our #1 display of the 2019 season! And it's no wonder - this awesome, pixel-based display draws tons of visitors each year. Running on xLights, it's a really cool show with dazzling effects, a killer playlist, and all sorts of props in the yard to add to the fun. This home has been featured on a couple of the xLights Around the World videos.