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Driving Routes Update 12/21

Dec 21, 2023 by William

Hey all! We made a couple of big updates to the Driving Routes. We think you'll like them!

Added several new stops on the West Boise Driving Route

The existing stops on the West Boise route haven't been edited, but the several new stops are located near the beginning half of the route and weave in nicely with the existing stops. The West Boise route was one of the first ones published this year so it was high time for an update. See the updated West Boise route here.

Added a brand new Central/East Boise Driving Route

This brand new route is basically used to fill out the rest of Boise, including the east end, north end, and central-ish areas. See the new Central/East Boise route here.

Will work on a South Meridian Route next

There are several displays in South Meridian and they could also kind of tie into the South Boise area. A South Meridian tour is next on my list and will hopefully be done mid-day on Fri 12/22. Stay tuned to the Routes page for that one.

Links to Route Maps will start being included

We'll start adding links to custom Google maps for all the routes. Google Maps only supports 10 stops per route unfortunately, so some of the mapped routes may need to be split into 2 links. Big shout out to our new sponsor Jim Paulson at Progressive Realty Corp for help with this!

Thanks for all your support as always!