The West Boise Christmas light driving route includes mostly static light displays, but you'll get to crank your radio and enjoy a few light shows synced to music as well. You'll get to drive through the west area of Boise, including the western part of the Boise Bench.

The route starts near Chinden and Eagle, and snakes its way to the southeast. You'll drive along Edna Street, which is known for having multiple displays along its stretch! You'll end up near Cole and Ustick.

  1. 10328 W Telemark St, Boise - synced to music

  2. 12052 W Fiddler Dr, Boise

  3. 11150 Hinsdale St, Boise - 97.3 FM

  4. 10727 W Edna St, Boise (10822 W Ripley St and 10528 Summerwind Dr are both nearby)

  5. 9075 W Edna St, Boise

  6. 3767 N Sawgrass Way, Boise (also this entire Bayhill Springs neighborhood has lots of displays, take some time to drive around the neighborhood!)

  7. 2906 N Ash Park Ln, Boise

  8. 7910 Wesley Dr, Boise - 87.9 FM

  9. 3426 N Armor St, Boise - synced to music

If you have some more time to kill, there are two displays near the end of this route, to the north:
- Christmas in Color at Expo Idaho (ticket admission required)
- 6211 W Parapet Ct, Boise - 95.9 FM (this house was on The Great Christmas Light Fight!)

Here's a taste of what you can expect on this driving route!