2022 Recap

An Annual Update from William Higginson
Founder and Admin of the Boise Christmas Lights Project

Our 2022 season has come and gone. Here are some highlights!

Brenda Rodriguez from KTVB channel 7 reached out to us this year to do a Spooky House Tour for their Wake Up Idaho show! I was able to help coordinate some live interviews with homeowners, who woke up before the crack of dawn (5:45 AM or 6:45 AM) to do a live shot with KTVB. It was a ton of fun to watch, even while I was still living in Texas at the time.

Speaking of which, I was able to move back to Idaho in November. This allowed me to be back in the place I call home, surrounded by friends, family, and of course, snow (although Texas' "Snowvid 2021" was quite the thing to live through). I was able to go out and see displays for Christmas just like I used to do prior to moving. It is good to be back in Boise.

I did a podcast recording with City Cast Boise for the Christmas season. I had a lot of fun recording with them and ended up subscribing to them. They make great content and are very friendly!

Here's how the numbers shook out for 2022.

We had 102 total pins on our 2022 Halloween Lights Map:

We had 127 total pins on our 2022 Christmas Lights Map:

We also broke 10K likes/follows on our Facebook page!

Thank you all for your support as always πŸ’š