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For more information about what displays are still running, visit this page: What Christmas Displays/Events are Still Open?

Beautifully decorated home with lots of lights and yard decorations

Lights and yard decorations, including decorations in the window above the garage.

Tons of lights all over the sides of the home, and a beautiful nativity display.

Lights on the home and in the yard.

Nicely decorated home with several inflatables in the front yard.

Giant Santa Claus and Rudolph, and many other large inflatables all across the yard!

Penguins in the yard and Santa on the roof, with plenty of lights!

Nicely decorated home with lots of lights and yard decor.

Our lights come on at 5pm. We have the majority of our roof covered in lights, window lights, and bush/ lights. We have multiple blow-ups in our yard, as well as light-up Christmas trees and a garage door banner.

Planning on taking it down after New Years 

Tune into 97.3 and enjoy the lights from 6 PM to 10 PM daily. Every year we will be expanding with more lights. This is a family project that I started with my dad.

Planning on taking it down after New Years

We don’t want anything. We just enjoy Christmas! And Christmas lights. We just moved to the treasure valley this year, we’ve expanded the lights and decorations from our previous home. We will always add more each year! It’s almost addictive! Lights are always on, unless it’s windy… and it sure gets windy sometimes.

Planning on taking it down after New Years

Lots of fun inflatables!

Planning on taking it down after Christmas

Bringing back memories of old with vintage municipal Christmas decor. The display features decorations once seen on main streets across Idaho. New this year is the Season Greetings sign from Main Street Kuna. The large reindeer in the front yard once hung across Idaho st. In downtown Boise. The giant candy cane and candle once hung in Fruitland and Marsing. Display also features 1960s blow molds. You may get out and walk down the sidewalk but please don’t go into the yard. Lights are on nightly from 5-12am

Planning on taking it down after New Years 

Show runs daily from 6:00 to 10:00

Kuna’s synchronized lightshow. Show runs nightly from dusk until 10. Show is different throughout the week so stop by for different songs. Songs can be requested and chosen at lightsonbrushcreek.com. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook at Lights on Brush Creek. 

Planning on taking it down after New Years

House, trees, lawn decor, and more decorated in vivid lights and synced to traditional Christmas music. Hours will be from dusk to 10pm. After 10pm, lights will be on without music.

Planning on taking it down after New Years

Light Show Etiquette

Please follow these guidelines to help ensure that you and others around you enjoy the show!

🔊❌ Keep your Car Radio at a decent volume

🅿️❌ Don't Park directly in front of the Show

💡❌ Turn OFF your Car Headlights

🚗❌ Do NOT block Neighbors Driveways

🏠❌ Stay off Neighbors Property