Payette, Fruitland
and Ontario

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For more information about what displays are still running, visit this page: What Christmas Displays/Events are Still Open?

6221 James St, New Plymouth, ID 83655

Most of the lights are plugged into there own music box, that crates a light show. We also have many blow ups!


Planning on taking it down after New Years

342 Orchid Ave, Fruitland, ID 83619 - 87.9 FM

Display runs 7 days a week 6pm-12am. Tune into 87.9 and enjoy our 10 song light show

Planning on taking it down after New Years

2590 NE 16th Ave, Payette, ID 83661

A beautiful themed lights display with a mixture of modern programmable lights, LED lights and incandescent lights. Each display features unique props that are either handmade or repurposed items. Some include handmade candies and snowflakes made using hangers. Each part of the display is meticulously organized to maximize the best viewing pleasure. Hours of lights are 5:30pm to 9:30pm every night through Jan 6th 2023.

Planning on taking it down after New Years

20 S 2nd St, Cambridge, ID 83610 - 93.5 FM

The Cambridge Commercial Club has worked hard to light up our towns water tower! Over one mile of wire and 5000 lights make up this 110 foot tall water tower display.

676 SW 5th Ave, Ontario, OR 97914 - 93.5 FM

Starting December 2nd. 5:30pm-midnight everyday through New Years Day. Tune to 93.5 FM. Visitors will be able to choose the song that plays soon. Information will be updated when available. 

Planning on taking it down after New Years