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Update for Dec 2, 2023

Dec 2, 2023 by William

Driving Routes are now LIVE on our website and will be adjusted as needed.

We started out with three routes - South Boise, West Boise, and Meridian. As I was building the Meridian route I noticed it was quite big, but I decided against splitting it at the time. But now we've got more Meridian entries since then, so I split the Meridian route into Central Meridian and North Meridian.

As more addresses are added, I'll consider adding them to the routes. That means the routes may change. So instead of screenshotting the routes list, I highly recommend bookmarking the page and sharing the link. If you share an old screenshot, you may be missing out on newer additions to the route!!

Thanks as always for your patience while we build and finalize these routes. I try to make them as efficient as possible. For example, I'll try to eliminate left turns onto major roads when I can, and try to shorten the driving time between stops.

I hope you enjoy the lights!!